Ecologist: living day to day with copious amounts of coffee.

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I am a Lecturer at Newcastle University, England, aided by too much chocolate and coffee.

I am fascinated by the dynamics of alien invasions, particularly big plants. Also drawn in by all that is freshwater: connectivity, dispersal and the opportunistic organisms which hitchhike along these waterways.

After a 10 year career in make-up artistry, I traded in my brushes and palettes for waders and waterproofs to pursue a research career which would get me outside as much as possible. There is something uniquely liberating about being in the field. Nothing else matters except collecting data and trying not to fall over in the rivers, or lakes (lochs) you are trying to sample!

My aim is to finally one day feel like a real scientist…even though apparently I am one. Perhaps this website will help. For now, I’ll keep downing humble coffee.

Follow me on Twitter. I also have one of those ResearchGate profiles and an Orchid ID. Check out my Impactstory

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PhD Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling (2012-2016)

MSc Biological Research, Royal Holloway University of London (2011-2012)

BSc (Hons) Environmental Ecology, Royal Holloway University of London (2008-2011)


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