Invasion front: invasive alien Impatiens glandulifera versus native dominant Petisites hybridus. Photo: N.Willby

Welcome! This is the research group for invasion and freshwater ecology at Newcastle University We focus on the interaction of invasive alien species and the environment on biodiversity and livelihoods (food and water security). If you are interested in joining the group, please contact me for potential opportunities.

Ava Waine

PhD student

The risks to water security from invasive by non-native species via bulk water tranfer.

Supervisors: Prof. Pete Robertson, Dr Zarah Pattison, Dr Aileen Mill, Claire Gowdy (Northumbrian Water) and Dr Martin Crapper (Northumbria University)

Email me: Starting in October 2020

Emily Hickenbotham

PhD student

The risk of significant phenological changes causing mismatching between species (moths, beetles & plants) as a result of climate change.

Supervisors: Dr Gavin Stewart, Prof Stephen Rushton and Dr Zarah Pattison

Email me:

Previous team members

Postdoctoral Projects

2019 Dr Hannah Hamilton

Project: Identifying global hotspots and drivers of aquatic and terrestrial invasive alien plant species.

Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison, Dr Lynsey Bunnefeld (University of Stirling), Dr Wayne Dawson (Durham University) and Prof. Nigel Willby (University of Stirling)

MSc Student Projects


Shannon Goldberg: Assessing effectiveness of varied management strategies for Acaena novae-zelandiae ( Piri piri burr) on Holy Island, Lindesfarne. Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison and Andrew Craiggs, Natural England

Courtney Glenwright: Which native freshwater species are threatened by invasive alien species in UK? Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison and Prof. Pete Robertson

Lucy Duke: Opportunities towards achieving post 2020 biodiversity targets: examining the potential of invasive species threat reduction. Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison, Dr Louise Mair

Kirsty Witts: Identifying key themes in the management of invasive alien species using Topic Modelling. Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison and Prof. Pete Robertson

Emily Stephenson: Identifying key themes in Invasion Ecology using Topic Modelling. Supervisors: Prof. Pete Robertson and Dr Zarah Pattison

BSc Student Projects


Cameron Wynne: Impacts of Impatiens glandulifera restoration on terrestrial invertebrates.


David Eastwood: Determinants of invasion success along riparian zones by Impatiens glandulifera.

Lucy Crawford: Impact of sediment deposition on riparian plant communities.

Cheye Pollard: Quantifying the success of freshwater invaders in the UK and Germany.

Rachel Clarke: Attributing bird movement to spatial variation of E.coli in lochs.


Catherine Daw: Fine sediment and grazing impacts on riparian plant communities.

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